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    Trendseminar Generation 404
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    Out Of Office has been touring since 2009 with our Generation 404 seminar, from Amsterdam to Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo and back for companies such as Appletizer, Veldhoen Company, Hi Mobile, Exact, Ymere, Peij Gruppen and guess what? it’s still a very relevant story today.

    Out Of Office recognizes that the chaos our world is in today, is in fact only accelerating the necessity to accept the old ways of looking at the world and categorizing it as we did is dying.
    And as a company you need to ask yourself constantly:
    How eager and open are you to the new generations defining the market place of tomorrow? and apply your business strategy accordingly?

    We like to introduce Generation 404:
    • A Generation of young creative entrepreneurs, who are more determined than ever to make something amazing happen on their own terms.
    • A Generation that is too individually educated to listen to collective approaches.
    • A Generation that demands that you and your brand initiates rather than reacts. That you tweet instead of re- tweet and invent rather than exploit.
    Generation 404 is brought on by innovation itself

    If you want to know more – please ask for more information – kirsten@outofoffice.cc

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