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    Brandstore ‘Shan’ in Hangzhou, China
    Screen shot 2011-09-15 at 9.16.36 AM

    Out Of Office was asked to translate the Brand Identity of the a new Men’s Wear brand ‘Shan’ in China into a concept +  definite design for an existing retail space.

    Within this project we co-created with I Love Architecture on a brandstore for ‘Shan’ – making sure the brand story we had been developing for this brand was communicated (including detailing, materials, finishing, with measurements in plan and section). The final design stayed close to the original concept of ‘Room in Room’ – using boxes as reference – but stay close to the concept: Chinese Heritage in a Modern Context. The shop layout is flexible, but recognizable and can create different spaces and stories because of moveable boxes.

    The brand stores for ‘Shan’ are planned to be built in Ningbo and Hanghzhou (China) for September 2011.

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