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    Documentary | Our Future Leaders
    future pioneer

    Out Of Office is constantly looking for ways to be connected by teaming up with Cultural, industrial, educational and research partners. In 2010, a group of twenty Honors students enrolled in a leadership course in the IIS Honours Program of the Free University of Amsterdam(VU) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA), with the vague description ‘The Learning Lab’.

    The students had very diverse backgrounds, from the Singaporean army to anthropology and physics, they applied to explore themselves and their world. Out Of Office teamed up with  the designer of this course  Thieu Besselink, to provide the studens bucket-load of creative chaos and let the energy flow and inspiration starts.

    This documentary – that was directed by Victor van Doorn and Jochem Smit shows the student’s progression from talented scholars, to driven social entrepreneurs and ultimately, directors of their own education.

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