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    A Future Vision of Retail by Out Of Office

    A Future Vision of Retail

    Now more than ever, the only constant is change. Trends come and go at ever-faster rates and the retail structures of today will be difficult to recognize in the not-too-distant future. In response, businesses and municipalities are seeking ways to keep the soul of the local shopping street alive.

    Given current levels of Internet penetration, changing demographics of the population and the ongoing financial crisis, there is a significant supply and demand shift occurring within the retail sector. In rural and urban environments, traditional retailers are losing consumers while non-traditional retailers are seeing explosive success. Multifunctional and service-oriented retailers, in particular, are booming.

    Out Of Office has created a 70-page interactive vision document outlining innovative retail initiatives and combinations that are recreating the retail reality of tomorrow. This thoroughly researched and smartly presented report provides a view into the coming marketplace while presenting promising new possibilities and ideas to engage the changing retail environment. The question is not, “Will I be relevant?” but “How can I make myself relevant?” while the trick is to perceive the change and exploit the emerging opportunities through successful retail initiatives and structures.

    For additional information, the book or consulting on how The New Retail Reality influences your business, please contact us.

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