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    Branding + Design Masterclass

    The Value of Branding + Design
    A course to understand and experience the importance of branding, share ideas on how further develop this in your company with your leadership and in the future and how you can leverage the growth. How to reorganize your company from a trade mentality to a branding & design mentality?

    Small Heritage of a Branding + Design Mentality in China
    Up until now, China has a the relatively small heritage in terms of a branding & design mentality. This means there is a lack of understanding among the current Chinese CEO’s about the significance of branding. China has an overall “trade” and “ copy – paste “ mentality more than a design mentality. It’s fast and has a high short-term turnover.

    However, Out Of Office signals that the lack of long-term branding & design strategies in China makes brand decision making inconsequent. As a result, many Chinese brands disappear after two or three years of the market. A successful brand requires long term branding & design investment. The fact that creative branding & design processes need time to evolve and that it is more expensive than the copy – paste mentality, is a challenge for many Chinese businesses to understand. But…

    Strong Brands Make A lot Of Money
    However, more and more Chinese businesses have recognized that (globally) strong brands are making a lot of money in China, because Chinese consumers are willing to pay for brand status. Chinese businesses see that they should invest in branding to remain successful in the long run, but the question Out Of Office gets a lot is how do we do this?

    This exciting new course by Out Of Office and her team of experts focuses on three questions:
    1. WHY
    the most important investment you can make in your company today is building a strong brand.
    2. HOW branding is about creating an emotional connection with your consumers.
    3. WHAT the result of a strong brand: consumer loyalty expressed in financial success ($)
    RESULT: Out Of Office will introduce you to the changing role of brand promotion and design in theory.

    Key themes include:
    > What is branding?
    > How to define your brand?
    > How to define your brand objectives
    > Who is your consumer?
    > Exploring your brand barriers and how to translate all of this in design…

    Out Of Office experience of working in China with Chinese designers and managers, we share the optimism for doing business in China and in this masterclass we will share our ideas on branding and design – based on our own experience in Shanghai,Hangzhou and Ningbo.

    Out Of Office will start a Branding + Design Masterclass for Asian companies  in September 2012 to help them transfer from a trade mentality to a branding & design mentality. An interesting 2,5 day course for managers and designers.

    Date: September 2012
    Start: Friday afternoon End: Sunday evening
    Participants will leave on Monday morning.
    Price: 2600, – Euros per person

    Please contact kirsten@outofoffice.cc if your company is interested

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