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    This documentary is out there for a while – but still nice to watch in case you didnt see it yet… Written and Directed by Paul Rojanathara & Davis Johnson, Produced by R+I Film and an Original Concept by R+I Creative.

    24 rooms in one small apartment
    domestic transformer

    Although Urbanization has been a big trend for decades, Out Of Office would like to ask you: What will be the future impact of urbanization?

    Think about the future impact of city development on: mobility, working life, communities, and society in general?

    Although not new, we love this example of Architect Gary Chang. He came up with a solution to the small housing problems of Hong Kong – because of the Many $$$ per square meters. He calls it  “the Domestic transformer”. He transformed his 344 square foot unit in Hong Kong into 24 different changing designs, just by sliding walls and panels around.



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