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    The first PalmLeather Bags

    We are proud and enthusiastic … Tjeerd Veenhoven (part of our 404 network) is a product designer, a specialist in materials, production techniques and the design process in general and he comes up with innovative and radical designs that show a new perspective
 on design and its function in the present and future.

    Palm Leather is a material innovation by Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven.
    Tjeerd experimented in his studio in Groningen with this material and discovered that by soaking leaves in a special biological solution the leaves become soft and remain soft forever. This flexible material is upgraded from waste to a perfect raw material to produce a wide variety of products.
    This week, after 18 months of research, Tjeerd introduced the first Palm Leather Bag collection! The small collection is first presented in the Dutch Design exhibition in Oranienbaum Germany. The bags are produced in Bangalore, India by the artisans he trained in the last 4 months. Palm Leather is developed to replace animal leather in a variety of products. Also, the first note books made from Palm Leather are finished.

    It is this new way of looking at things we at Out Of Office love and admire, have a look at: www.tjeerdveenhoven.com






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