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    Next Stop China? No Amsterdam ;-) Introducing Tingting …

    Once in a while you get a mail that makes you smile. When we received an email from Tingting we were immediately intrigued, passionate about Shanghai women and our project on Zoe et Moi …

    Tingting is from Shanghai, China. Born in a city enjoys a name of “Paris in the East”, Tingting loves how Shanghai is sexy and modern, but drenched in an elegantly historical way. Obsessed with Shanghai’s culture, history and language, which are slowly slipping away along with the fast development, Tingting hopes to do a “Shanghai Restoration Project” throughout the city in the eye of “young generation” like herself when she returns to Shanghai.

    She studies economics and theatre.  Being an adventurer, Tingting has studied abroad in three different countries and she speaks four languages.  She just got into an exchange program in Seville, Spain where she will spend her next semester. During her spare time, she enjoys synchronized swimming and playing piano. For the past two years, she interned for Marriott International and Shanghai Media Group.

    Wanting to learn, experience and explore this exciting world as much as she can, Tingting is now coming over to Amsterdam. Especially, she is eager to understand more about creative design, which leads her to the next stop Amsterdam interning for OOO during summer… 欢迎 ;-)

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