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    Alexandra | Fashion & Textile design expert

    Out Of Office is in love with Istanbul. So we are happy we will deliver our presentation ‘The New Retail Reality’ on May 17th, during the Evteks Fair in Istanbul.

    But we are not alone and we co-create with our network of talented people. Alexandra will be working with Out Of Office in Istanbul during the Evteks Fair – presenting  the trends and her insights on textiles and prints for the Spring Summer 2013 season.

    Alexandra Vollebregt graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2009, earning a BA degree in Fashion Design. During her BA she specialized in Textile Design and did an internship at Bas Kosters studio. In 2012 Alexandra received her certificate in Fashion Design from the ArtEZ Fashion Masters.

    Her work has been shown at different fairs including Meesterlijk and Premier Tissue, Paris. She has also exhibited work at the Glas Museum in Leerdam and was part of the Generation 12 Mini Collection presentation at Arnhem Coming Soon.


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