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    Home Swede Home: a new village designed by IKEA
    ikea house

    Above Infographic: Ikea’s manual for building a neighborhood
    This is either the realization of a strange fantasy or your worst nightmare: IKEA is planning to build an entire neighborhood. After Celebration – the town in Florida that Disney built – the Swedish home furnishing behemoth Ikea comes up with a more modern and urban environment to call home.

    Big companies like Philips, IBM, Siemens and Ikea focused on the future of the city. Will we in the future live in our own ‘Branded’ world?

    IKEA is bringing their simple and affordable design to a neighborhood in East London. LandProp, the investment arm of IKEA, will develop the 26-acre neighborhood near the city’s Olympic Park. Also known for its designs that intelligently fit a lot into a small space it looks like IKEA will take a similar approach to their neighborhood design with a nice mix of housing, offices, and shops. Cars will also be parked underground and the walkability of the neighborhood will be high.

    The representatives of Country Prop say emphatically that the village will not be an IKEA-village with only IKEA furniture, the shelves will not only be Billy’s and there will be no Swedish meatballs served in the restaurant. It will definitely not be like BoKlok, another IKEA subsidiary in Scandinavia, Britain, Germany and Poland that builds prefab homes and are fully furnished with IKEA products.

    Despite all this, IKEA will – in the form of LandProp – act like a small town, and will do their upmost to transform the dilapidated area into a vibrant community. They will focus on the long term. Perhaps this do-it-yourself IKEA district could be one of the solutions to housing problems…

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