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    Pimkie Color Forecast website

    Women’s fashion brand Pimkie is responding in an inventing way on peoples desire to dress like the latest trends. It all happens in the fashion capitals only nobody can keep up the latest our-by-hour trends, city by city…To keep up the latest developments in terms of the trendiest colors and combinations Pimkie developed the Pimkie Color Forecast website to show the richness of their designs and inspire the audience.

    Pimkie has launched this colorfull project to help consumers understand the colors “of the moment” in the major European fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and Antwerp.
 High-speed digital cameras are installed on key locations throughout these three cities, the footage is collected and filtered in real-time through a color tracking software that generates infographics detailing which colors are trending where, ‘Yesterdays colors’ where you see the most worn colors per our, ‘last weeks colors’ and ‘last months colors’. A perfect way to take away uncertainty among consumers about the latest use of color.


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