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    Re-inventing architecture

    As we also mentioned in our New Retail Reality Report there is revitalization trend on co-operative schemes and – as disposability becomes less desirable – a rise in repair, exchange and second-hand models. This trend inspires to other ways of thinking and creating…

    Architect agency SLA – in cooperation with Overtreders W – shows how to make remarkable architecture made of 100% materials derived from Marktplaats.nl. The best result about this projects is that it refers to the origin of the materials without having a recycled or reused look and feel.

    Because the designers were dependent on the offer of Marktplaats, the design is shaped in an unusual way. The final designer could be made from the moment the materials arrived, based on the dimensions and condition of the materials.

    For this project there was no client involved, the designers were the initiators of the project. The money was collected through their crowdfunding website: www.voordekunst.nl and by recruiting sponsors. The pavilion was built by the architectural artist Jorrit Vijn and 80 volunteers who were mainly involved through the Marketplace transactions.

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