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    Italy | Crowdsource help for your small and last-minute grocery deleveries
    milk please2

    A perfect solution for busy people who are juggling with time; Milk, Please! This is a new online service that lets consumers crowdsource help with small and last-minute grocery deliveries.

    Consumers who realize they need a grocery item at home but can’t make it to the store themselves can send a request to Milk, Please!, which is accessible online as well as via smartphones and special stations in supermarkets. From there, someone who is already at the store or planning to visit it soon can view the request and add the item to their own shopping list, if they so choose. They then drop the item off on their way home, and Milk, Please! handles their compensation.

    Milk, Please! is now accepting requests for invitations to participate in the new service, and details are still scarce as to how it will work, including specifics on compensation for those who run the errands. It sounds, however, like advertisers will have an opportunity to make sponsored product recommendations through the service as well. Grocery brands around the globe: one to get involved in?

    Website: www.milkplease.it

    See how Milk Please works on: http://vimeo.com/39701901

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