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    Instant Inline | World’s First ‘Wikipedia Town’
    11red in city

    In a six-month collaboration project with Wikipedia, Welsh country town Monmouth is now the world’s first ‘Wikipedia town’.

    The project—which is jointly funded by Monmouthshire City Council and Wikipedia UK—involves installing 1,000 over QR codes or ‘QRpedia codes’ onto every school, public building and monument in the town, and every exhibit in the town’s museum.



    When the QRpedia codes were scanned by a smartphone—it directs users to Wikipedia articles.

    Visitors can even get a virtual tour of the town by using Wikipedia’s mobile app.

    The purpose of this project is to raise the town’s profile and provide a unique visitor experience.

    In order to support this project, free public Wi-Fi has also been set up throughout the town to allow visitors to connect online.

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