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    The ArtEZ graduation Fashion Show 2012

    Out Of Office is always looking for ways to connect with young talented students. That’s exactly why we went to the inspiring ArtEZ Graduation Fashion Show last Friday.

    Have we said many times that we love fashion? Well, here we are at ArtEZ Graduation Fashion Show having a magnificant time looking at these fabulous creations. The creation in the picture, designed by Eefje Wijnings, which nicely illustrates the idea of Fifties meets Gaga really catched our eyes during the show.


    The show took place at the industrial park Kleefse Waard near Arnhem. The fashion show started with projects by first and second year students, following Collection Arhem, designed by third year students.

    There is no use being coy about the fact that we were impressed by such a provocative show. That vintage pleaded skirt, the perfect red shoe, and the little black dress all weaved together a story so vividly rising to a climax. We left exclaiming and wishing the best to those talented graduates and hope to meet or work with in the future!

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