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    Social Zapping | WappZapp

    We are currently researching for a new lecture for CTAM Eurosummit in September we will be talking about The NEW Inline Reality, transparancy, trust, hyper personalization, data for an audience of cable companies… and that is when we like to share small entrepreneurs doing great stuff!

    Imagine this: After a long day of work, you jump on the couch to watch some nice television programs. The problem is often that you flick channels all night instead of watching cool content. Dutch start up WappZapp (Yannick make link) thought; there is so much cool content online, how can we easily access this on the television? They came up with an application and this is how it works:
    Download the application on you IOS device, open the website in your WebTV browser or a computer connected to your screen, and fill in the provided pairing code. Find the best programs and online videos in the application and send them with one push of a button to your screen, using your smartphone as a remote control. You don’t need to find everything yourself, the application will provide new programs based on you favorites, social networks and the favorites of your country.

    And yes, it is free.


    1. Any more questions? Feel free to ask us through this comment feed. You can download the app here:


      and more information you can find here:

      http://www.wappzapp.tv/blog/ (Dutch)

    2. Jorik

      Using the App for some time now! Really nice and works great!

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