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    David Pfister | Multi Channel Writer

    David Pfister is a left and right brain thinker who serves businesses as a multi-channel writer. Recently, David worked with OOO on future studies – The New Retail Reality.

    David began his career as a writer and editor in the New York magazine world, working with trend-defining titles including Interview and Surface, as well as established lifestyle books like Esquire and Vogue. He spent five years at Playboy as part of a handpicked transition team during a profoundly disruptive period in media.

    Before taking the managing editor role, David focused on consumer products and services as a lifestyle editor often meeting with representatives and marketing teams from diverse global brands. (Heineken, Philips, Diageo, Unilever, etc.) The questions raised during this period ultimately led to an MBA abroad. Since then he has been combining an expertise in voice with a developed knowledge of business strategy to build effective brands.

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