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    Out Of Office adding value in Urban Design Competition in Germany….
    Re positioning Pforzheim

    In co -creation with  Frits van Dongen (Head Government Architect) & Patrick Koschuch from ‘van Dongen – Koschuch’ Architects and Planners + Andrea Huhn from Andreas Huhn Architects (www.andreashuhn.com) Sam Colijn was invited to participate in the workshop ‘Inner city Pforzheim’.

    The question was to come up with a future vision on re- designing Pforzheim’s innercity.

    Our conclusion: it is not only a question of urbanism but the focus should be primarily on programming and transformation, in order to shape Pforzheim’s new identity.

    The up coming year we will be working on:

    1. Programming and transforming postwar architecture and urban space into new (design) ideas.

    2. Finding the right ingredients and its balance, supporting a 24/7 dynamic, unique and sustainable city life.

    3. Finding answers to why and how Inhabitants, Consumers, New Business Entrepreneurs etc will connect to Pforzheim in the  (near) future.

    4. Characteristics of a brand DNA (identity) for Pforzheim.

    Please contact Sam@outofoffice.cc if you are a master mind regarding the future of Cities.

    We are more than happy to invite you in our upcoming workshop (beginning of May) and exchange viewpoints!


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