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    Marcella, you can still change your mind?

    On behalf of Sam Colijn’s team of Out Of Office, we say hello to Marcella Bos!

    Marcella Bos is a Meeting Professional. Working in the field of Meeting Architecture, Meeting Organization and Meeting Execution. She will be programming our events to the max !

    Marcella likes to create and facilitate meaningful meetings with a strong focus on the experience of the participants and the desired impact. As partner of Bos Matchworks BV, a small quality driven company in the Netherlands, Marcella designs, organizes and facilitates special meetings, leadership programmes, teambuilding and events.
    Marcella works together with BoerCroon, Bersama, Design Your Own Future, SISS, Engaging Leadership, Out Of Office, Inconnect and Sensedance.

    Many of the activities in Bos Matchworks have a different focus and specialty, but Marcella’s passion for creativity, experience and connecting people is at the heart of each one.
    Together with sociologist Johan Rippen, Marcella is the author of the book Events & Beleven, The 5 Wheel Drive concept (Events & Experience) ISBN 9789047300564 published in 2008 and second edition in 2010.

    Please contact Marcella at: Marcella@outofoffice.cc

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