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    Eliška Slováková | Space & Graphic Designer
    Eliska wavelenght 400-490nm

    Kirsten van Dam of Out Of Office (OOO) recently published The New Terminal Bliss, a vision of the world of the airport experience and passenger in 2025, a report resulting in a number of new projects! Like workshops, sessions and lectures to developing future service bluepints. For Schiphol’s Integrated Development & Concept Department, Out Of Office “loaded” the five core values for to create meaning in the context of the airport and identify the needs of the (new) passenger groups in the future.
    We reached out to Eliska for visual translation of these future meanings.

    Eliska was born in Czech republic where she first explored the world of industrial design and mechanical engineering. After graduating with a master at the Technical University Brno she continued sailing towards new challenges in the field of graphic and personal identity. After travelling around Europe She found herself in a town called Eindhoven in the Netherlands where she now often works with a team of like-minded artists at the Big Bug Collection.Her works now range from product and industrial design through graphic and identity to very unique hanpainted objects. Lately she found her passion in transforming everyday mundane things into a very personal extraordinary pieces of art. She is driven by her need to look at the world through a unique set of goggles. Through which she can see the otherwise average objects and surfaces intriguingly personal and identifiable.

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