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    Petz Scholtuz | Eco designer + future hotelier

    Whilst Kirsten was working in Barcelona – she met up  again with Petz, who took her on a tour through an amazing (still in renovation) apartment, that will be soon open! What is it?

    Petz is currently working on a great eco-renovation project in Barcelona. Her project yök Casa + Cultura is based on good design (and you can tell, good people).

    Eco-friendly, social, local, practical and fun, paying special attention to aesthetics, authenticity and the world around us. This place will make guests feel like they are staying at somebody’s very special house. They will be welcomed with a service that looks for details and cares about the needs of everyone involved. Think of it as a professional B&B, good for people, planet and profit or a niche-place-to-stay. There will be local events connected to it and you have the option to work there too (the upper floor is the work place and has a great view). I was amazed by the enthusiasm, the originality of the interior design, the reflection of the local culture, the understanding of the ecological footprint and the creative way it is reduced make this a very attractive place to be.

    As they say: ‘We are not a hotel, but we are not your typical rental apartment either. Think of our casas as your own private home that comes with a hotel-like service and the social fun of your local hang-out” watch their blog as they will soon be open!

    Website: http://helloyok.com/


    Image by Benjamin Julve

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